Let us introduce you to a new, true friend of real men: the "Wild Russian" range of authentic, organic handmade soaps and creams
Historically male beauty was not a prerequisite for success in business and life. However, according to recent surveys, when asked "What kind of men do you admire?" Women answer: "A real man must be well-groomed, fresh looking and neat!". Appearance has always been the hallmark of a true gentleman, with skincare to the fore. But how to look a million dollars every day? The "Wild Russian" line of personal care products were created to provide skin with all necessary natural elements to keep you looking a million dollars every day! We created three organic soaps and two aftershave creams that will keep your skin healthy and fresh.
Fresh Horizon - Soap "Cedar"
Wild Russian "Cedar" soap contains a large amount of cedar oil, which has a wide range of different fatty acids necessary for skin elasticity and beauty. If a man's skin is in need of a healthy glow, this soap will work wonders. Dry, tired skin and redness will be remedied with the help of Wild Russian "Cedar" soap.
Price - 11,00$
Pure Forest - Soap "Fir, Spruce, Pine"
Wild Russian "Fir, Spruce and Pine" soap aids removal of pimples, rashes, boils, etc.; has a good anti-inflammatory properties;
relieves irritation and redness of the skin; prevents excessive production of sebum. It leaves skin revived and clean.
Price - 11,00$
Aftershave cream "Cedar"
Wild Russian "Cedar" aftershave cream contains the unique properties of cedarwood essential oils. We believe the vast Siberian power is harnessed by this cream. Using "Cedar", your skin will get a powerful charge of antioxidants, courtesy of nature itself.
The healing properties of the "Cedar" will suit men with normal, oily and problem skin.
Price - 15,99$
Gift set "Wild Russian" soap + after shave cream "Honey"
The combination of soap and cream Honey from Wild Russian will give the skin softness and smoothness, healthy appearance and youth. The Wild Russian gift set Honey will give skin a softer, smoother and an all round healthier, more youthful appearance.
Price - 29,99$
100% natural ingredients
The "Wild Russian" line is created exclusively from natural components. All the ingredients of our soaps are of green origin. We source them from the heart of Siberia so that your skin will get all the most valuable components from wild Russian nature.
Created for men only
The "Wild Russian" line is specifically designed for men. Male skin differs from female in a number of ways, including different Ph levels. Therefore we have adapted our products for the 'stronger' sex. Additionally we added truly masculine elements and divided the products in three classes:

Sweet Power - Honey

Fresh Horizon - Cedar

Forest Pure - Fir, Spruce and Pine.

Our products nourish and cleanse your skin, making it truly healthy and fresh.


Our clients share their impressions after buying our products "Wild Russian"
Great gift! Was thinking for so long what to give my husband for a birthday! It's hard to find something special as a gift to the man who has everything. Finally I stopped my view on a soap Wild Russian. Husband was very pleased!!
With our women's team we've faced the difficult task again of what to give on the men's day for our dear colleagues. My friend advised me to give something unique, something that makes a good hint about the manhood for our co-workers! Found on the Internet a website with this cool handmade soap! Colleagues were pleasantly surprised!)) I advise everyone!
Because of the quality of tap water had problems with the skin. The skin has been constantly peeling, especially in spring. I decided to try soap with oil of coniferous trees. Eventually the problem was gone. Of course it took some time to see the result. But soap is great!
The 23 of February has become another puzzle for me in terms of a gift to my beloved man. My boss advised me to give organic handmade soap. My man was very happy!
Give the man in your life a real "Wild Russian" experience!
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